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Adam Joan

Adam Joan Pothen is a rich planter who has a passion for farming. One day during one of his friend’s marriage he meets Amy who sings in a choir and eventually they fall in love and get married. Adam’s brother Alan (Unni), his wife Shweta and his mother are settled in Scotland. Adam and Amy go there for staying with them for a short while. Amy gets pregnant and is forced to stay there. While Adam was back in Kerala with his plantation business, Amy dies from child birth. Adam is overwhelmed and leaves his child Ila with his brother and wife who are childless. Adam believes that the child is the cause for his love of life’s death and never visits her thereafter.

7 years later Adam returns to Scotland when his mother is killed while trying to save Ila from getting kidnapped. A guilt ridden Adam decides to find his child at any cost as a redemption for leaving her years back. After a clash between him and his family Adam shifts from his brother’s house and starts an investigation of his own aided by his best friend Cyriac. After getting information about children being kidnapped from Edinburgh Adam find that it was really Satan Worshipers who had kidnapped Ila as she is half Jewish from her maternal side. The Satan worshipers sacrifices young Jew girls or Christian missionaries in order to satisfy Satan on the day which he is considered to be weak and thus Ila was kidnapped. Meanwhile, Cyriac discovers that Daisy, Swetha’s friend hails from a family which secretly worships dark forces which they calls ‘Karuthachan’ and might have something to do with Ila’s kidnapping. Adam and Cyriac kidnap Daisy who reveals that she is a part of a satanic cult spread across the Scottish mainland. She also reveals having taken Swetha to their church where she prayed that she wants to have her own child and was declared pregnant after 5 months. The cult’s high priest Edward Williams, who is Daisy’s and Swetha’s senior at work demands that Swetha either have to serve her about to be born baby or Ila for Satan to which Swetha declines but the cult’s real target was really Ila whose identity was given by Daisy to Edward and Swetha really knew it was them who kidnapped Ila and deeply apologizes to Adam. Adam then abducts Edward Williams and tortures him after he doesn’t say nothing. Adam and Cyriac then searches Edwards house for more clues and returns. Adam alone takes Edward back to his home and destroys the evidences of his presence and kills Edward by throwing him off the stairs.

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