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Alpha and Omega 3: The Great Wolf Games

The film opens with the wolves back in Jasper Park, as the pups – Stinky, Claudette and Runt – watch a few wolves on their caribou hunt. They decide to join in by chasing the caribou, which allows Claudette to demonstrate the spin out she learned from Kate. She does it perfectly, and this draws the attention of a wolf pup from Northern Team named Fleet. Claudette and Fleet both start crushing for each other at first sight. Fleet informs the pups about The Great Wolf Games, which is an annual event were wolves and pups of different packs compete in various competitions. Stinky, Claudette and Runt tell him they are from the Western pack and know nothing about the games. Fleet – accompanied by his sister Magril – tells them that the Western pack took a pass of the games, meaning that they cannot compete. Claudette is offended when Fleet suggests that they should cheer for the Northern pack, and so she decides to go and ask Humphrey about the games. Meanwhile, Humphrey and Mooch are having fun log-boarding down a hill. Humphrey reveals that the Alphas have gone on a hunting trip which will possibly last for “at least 5 moons”. The pups show up and ask him for the great games, in which Humphrey states that the games used to be for all critters and not just for Alpha wolves. But when Claudette suggests to form a team including every animal, Humphrey tells her that it takes 5 members to form a team and that it is too late to do it, since the games are only a few days away.

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