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Broadband Internet

The Introvision is now a broadband internet service provider also. As The Introvision got BTRC approval with a Category-A license of mugda thana.

We Provide high speed and reliable internet with 99% Uptime!

We have our own FTP/FILE Server, Packed with thousands of Movies, Music, Games, Software’s and most of you know about this.

Our 99% network is fiber connected. And because of that you will get less disconnection than any other internet service provider in your area.

12×7 Customer support with expert solution manager and engineers’s.

The Introvision is Bangladesh’s premier Internet Service Provider (ISP), established in 2018 with an aim of achieve customer satisfaction by providing round the clock reliable quality service.

The Introvision Internet service is blazing fast, affordable on a dedicated network. We offer corporate internet service, home connectivity solution, data connectivity for point to point or point to multi point.

Finally, We are happy to have happy clients. Client satisfaction is our main goal.

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