The cartoon takes place in the post-apocalyptic future by the Atlantic Ocean, where, because of the actions of people, the planet Earth was subjected to an ecological catastrophe, as a result the Earth was flooded. At the same time, sea inhabitants also suffered a catastrophe. Octopus-Grimpoteuthis Kraken managed to save several inhabitants and formed a safe place to live with them.

Kraken’s grandson, Deep, considers life to be boring, but shows an interest in objects made by people ever. He also involves his friends: angler fish Evo and shrimp Alice. Soon one of Deep’s “pranks” leads to the fact that he accidentally endangers the inhabitants of his home, because of which they were enclosed by stones. Deep learns from Kraken that only the white whale Nathan can help them, and tell his grandson the necessary landmarks where Nathan can be found. Deep with Evo and Alice set out to find Nathan.

After passing several landmarks, friends get to the sunken ship (which is the Titanic), where they find the vampire squid Norma, and she makes them listen to her performance, and then she tells them that in order to find Nathan, they need to get to Broadway. The heroes leave the ship with difficulty, since Norma would not let them go.

Along the way, Deep is attacked by moray Maura, but immediately after hearing from him that he has friends, he admits that she is lonely. Deep adds Maura to the team, despite the fact that Alice and Evo were against taking a predator that almost ate them on the first night.

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