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Dipu Number Two

Dipu (Arun Saha), a boy of about twelve years lives with his father (Bulbul Ahmed ). Dipu’s father is a government officer and because of his transferable job, they arrive at a picturesque town. Dipu immediately develops a liking to this new town and his new school. He makes a lot of friends but starts a feud with the school bully Tarique (Shubhashish) on the very first day. Tarique, unable to intimidate Dipu tries many tricks on him and even beats him up one day. Though Dipu does not complain this to anybody, instead he contemplates to punish Tarique himself. But one day a small adventure atop a high water tank changes his feelings towards Tarique.

Suddenly, a new event shatters Dipu’s small world. He learns that his mother (Bobita ) whom he knew to be dead actually left to United States during his childhood. She has returned for a short trip and wants to meet him. Dipu goes to Dhaka to meet her. He has a very brief encounter with his mother which changes his entire outlook to the world. He goes to find Tarique at his place and is exposed to another side of Tarique’s life. Dipu finds out that Tarique’s mother (Dolly Johur) is demented. Dipu also tells Tarique the truth about his own mother. This sharing brings these two boys much closer. It inspires Tarique to share his most guarded secret. He has discovered a cavern which treasures many antique sculptures. Dipu discloses about their discovery to his classmates and one night, Dipu & Tarique along with other boys set out for a nocturnal adventure to the cavern. To their surprise they find a group of smugglers, who deal in antique, at operation. With courage and intelligence they manage to capture the whole gang. They are awarded for their heroics. Like all good events, this episode of Dipu’s life comes to an end. His father’s term at this place is over. He has to leave, but he has already garnered a lot of fond memories to cherish.

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