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Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness Season 1

Tigress catches River Fever, a deadly disease that can only be cured by the rare sun orchid found in the Valley of the Scorpion. Unaware of the danger that lies ahead of them, Po and Monkey set out to find the orchid, but Monkey is caught and brainwashed by the evil Scorpion. Po must now find the orchid and fend off his brainwashed friend before Tigress dies.

Po, Tigress and Mantis must escort an Emperor’s daughter Mei Li on a peacemaking visit to the Qidan clan. Yet Princess Mei Li and her caravan are targeted by crocodile bandits led by Fung. They soon discover that Princess Mei Li will be given to the Qidan King Temutai as a servant in exchange for peace between the kingdoms.

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