Broadband Internet Service

Public IP Packages

Public IP Packages

SPEED [10:00AM-06:00PM] SPEED [06:00PM-02:00AM] SPEED [02:00AM-10:00AM] PRICE
PathfinderSP 10Mbps 4Mbps 16Mbps BDT.800
TrailblazerSP 16Mbps 5Mbps 20Mbps BDT.1000
ExplorerSP  20Mbps  6Mbps 26Mbps BDT.1200
AdventurerSP 26Mbps 7Mbps 32Mbps BDT.1500
WayfarerSP 32Mbps 8Mbps 36Mbps BDT.1800
MasterSP 36Mbps 10Mbps 40Mbps BDT.2000

*This packages include a Public IP/Global IP/Real IP. All the speeds should be count as up to XX mbps.

N.B: The Introvision reserves the right, at its discretion, to change, modify, add, or remove portions of these packages at any time.

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